She sends me a smile, the kind that swells my heart. I have to look away because of the sheer intensity of its warmth. My eyes fall on the sunflowers in my front yard. They weren’t there a few months ago, I think. They started populating my front yard around the same time she snuck up on me. Maybe her smile had something to do with it, I wonder.

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My Top 10 K-Pop B-sides of 2017

Sometimes title tracks don’t represent the quality of the album. B-sides is where the gold at. I’m going to pick only one B-side per album. Here’s the list of my favorite Kpop B-sides. Let’s get going!

Image result for listening to music gif

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My Top 10 K-pop Songs of 2017

I know I’m pretty late to post this but I kinda strayed away from anything Kpop for a while. 2017 gave us some bangers and some downright horrendous songs. It was quite a task to reduce the list down to just 10 songs. I’ve included only K-pop songs and only title tracks at that. I’ll make another list about B-sides and some indie songs. These are a few songs that stuck out to me. I obviously haven’t listened to every Kpop song out there. And I hope I don’t wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly realize I forgot to add that one song I had on repeat for 10 days straight.

Image result

Without further adieu, let’s dive right into it!

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Taemin – Move Review

Finally, it has arrived. Move is Taemin’s second full length album. I have high expectations from anything SHINee related, Taemin is no exception.

Taemin – Move

His previous album, Press It, was one of my favorite albums of 2016, so I had my fingers tightly crossed for this one.

Did he deliver?


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BTS – DNA Review

BTS has finally made their much awaited comeback with DNA. DNA is the title track of their fifth mini album Love Yourself: Her. You know a group has hit it big if the casual fans and the non-fans alike are excited to listen to their latest track. I, being a casual fan, was totally hyped after watching their second teaser.

bts love yoursel her album cover
BTS – Love Yourself: Her

So did I like their comeback or not?

Image result

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EXO – Ko Ko Bop Review

Ko Ko Bop is the title track of the fourth studio album The War. The album includes a total of nine tracks. Everything leading upto this song had me excited, from the individual teasers to the MV teaser itself.

exo ko ko bop group pic
EXO – Ko Ko Bop

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IT – Movie Review

Guys I kid you not, IT was my most anticipated movie of 2017. So I walked into the theater with my fingers crossed. IT is a supernatural horror movie directed by Andy Muschietti (the same guy who gave us Mama), based on the novel by the King of Horror, Stephen King.

IT (2017)

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